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Welcome to Zhuhai Wildlife Park
                  Luanchuan Bamboo Sea Wild Animal Park (formerly known as Funiushan Northeast Tiger Park) is located in The Village of Cangfang, 2km south of The Chongdu Gully scenic spot in Luanchuan County, 7km away from the Luluan Expressway Chongdu Gully toll station. The park has a total planned control area of 10.3 square kilometers and an actual sightseeing area of 3.8 square kilometers, with a planned total investment of 825 million yuan (225 million yuan has been invested).
                  There are four major themes in the park: wild animals free area, small animal park, ten thousand mu bamboo sea leisure area and primitive forest resort. There are more than 30 kinds of animals, including amur tiger, lion, black bear, red panda, macaque, alpaca, sika deer, fallow deer, peacocks, ostrich, emu, Dutch pig and so on. The panda house is under construction.

                 Eat, live, travel, tour, shopping, entertainment, six main factors to form a complete set of perfect, wildlife viewing with bamboo resort, tourism traffic safety is convenient, leisure health and comfortable accommodation, travel service precision wisdom, as in the central plains to onto the beast and the interaction of animals as the main characteristics of wild zoo, is also a weekend getaway, holidaying, popular science education, summer leisure destination. Develop 10,000 mu of bamboo sea, explore the mode of night travel, introduce the new fashion of leisure vacation; Build qianhu base, build national treasure home, create a new highlight of Luanchuan tourism!
Address: Cangfang Village, Luanchuan County,
               Luoyang city, Henan Province. Telephone: 0379-60896668 Email address: WeChat: luanchuan